About Me

I'm a Physical Education teacher turned Habit Coach. I've always had a love for being active and self-development. I'm constantly working to create new habits for myself and am always working to better myself professionally. I love reading, adventuring, and coloring. 


I am a recovering Diet Coke addict who indulges in a McDonald's Diet Coke every weekend because it truly brings me joy. It's the little things ya know? 


I am a true Dog Mom. While always wanted a dog, I never wanted to hold that title. But my sweet Luna girl changed my heart and it's the most fitting title that I proudly hold. 


I am a proud Army Wife. My husband Josh has been in the Army just over a 3 years now and it's been the right decision for us both to live this military life. We have moved from Utah to Oklahoma, and then Tennessee where we currently live and love. 


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